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If you are planning on an extended stay in Tenerife or perhaps moving out there to live and wonder whether you can take your family pet by airplane then the answer is “Yes”.  Tenerife is a territory of Spain and therefore complies with current EU rules.

Flying with your Pet to Tenerife

It is important that you start planning well in advance, as there are various regulations that need to be complied with. The rules differ depending on the type of pet and whether you are travelling to Tenerife from a country within or outside the EU.

Flying to Tenerife from an EU country

If you are flying to Tenerife from an EU member state with a dog, cat, or ferret, your pet must:

  • be microchipped.
  • have a valid rabies vaccination (the vaccine will need to have been administered at least 21 days prior to travel).
  • have a European pet passport from an authorised veterinarian (details of the rabies vaccination must be included in the passport).

Please see here for information on travelling with birds.
Please see here for information on travelling with other species.

Flying to Tenerife from a country outside the EU

If you are flying to Tenerife South Airport from a country outside the EU, your pet must be:

  • Microchipped 
  • Vaccinated against rabies with a vaccine that is valid at the time of the trip.

Depending on which country you are flying from, your pet may need to have undergone a rabies serological test at an authorised laboratory. Please enquire with your airline to find out whether this is needed.

Your pet will need the following documentation:

  • An animal health certificate, which must be signed by a licensed veterinarian and written in Spanish.
  • declaration certifying that you are adhering to the conditions of travel for your pet.
  • Both of the above must be in accordance with the European Union’s models. Please see here for a sample health certificate and declaration.
  • A certified copy of the animal’s identification and vaccination information.


In Tenerife, as in the rest of the EU, transport companies will be able to read your pet’s microchip as long as it complies with ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) standards.  You will need to make sure that your pet’s microchip complies with the above.

Pet Passport (Export Health Certificate)

Your animal’s Pet Passport will make specific reference to the different treatments it has been administered to enable it to travel.  You need to ensure that your vet enters the number of the microchip on the Pet Passport.

You also need to check that your vet has filled in all of the relevant parts of your pet’s passport including the following:

  • Description of the animal
  • Identification or markings of the animal
  • Rabies vaccination details
  • Details of owner
  • Details of vet issuing the Pet Passport

Rabies Vaccination

Your pet must be vaccinated against rabies at least 21 days before it travels to Tenerife or any other EU country.  Your pet will not be protected against rabies until after the 21st day of vaccination.

It is important that your pet is microchipped BEFORE they get the rabies vaccination.  This is so your pet’s microchip number can be included in the rabies vaccination documentation.

If you have any questions contact DEFRA (Department of Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs).

Preparation for your Pet’s Air Travel to Tenerife

At the present time no domestic flights from the UK to Tenerife allow pet dogs or cats into the cabin of the aircraft.  If your airline does carry animals they will go in the hold of the aircraft so it is important that you make preparations for their travel.

  1. You will need an IATA approved travel kennel.
  2. Allow your pet to get used to the travel kennel beforehand. This will reduce your pet’s stress when travelling.
  3. The day before your pet travels make sure they have enough water but reduce the amount of food you give it to eat.
  4. Check your pet in early to the cargo hold so that it can get used to the low lit lighting and in a calm environment.
  5. If you are putting your dog into the hold it is advisable to take them for a long walk before going to the airport and then another short walk before checking in.

Travelling with your pet in the aircraft cabin

There are certain airlines in the EU such as Iberia, KLM, Air France and Alitalia which allow you to travel with your pet in the aircraft cabin as long as they meet the airline’s requirements.  You will need to check with your airline as to their specific conditions and have the correct documentation along with their recommended animal carrier/kennel specifications.

As there is restricted space in the aircraft cabin for pets your airline will usually require a minimum of 48 hours notice to pre-book your pet’s reservation.  It is advisable to make your pet’s reservation as soon as possible after making your booking to ensure it can travel with you in the cabin.

Pet Insurance

Make sure you take adequate pet insurance before you travel to cover any vets bills whilst you are on the island.  It can work out very expensive if you don’t have adequate insurance.

Flying to Tenerife with a Guide Dog or Assistance Dog

You will need to check with your airline before travelling if your guide dog or assistance dog. Most airlines allow you to travel with your guide dog or assistance dog in the cabin.  Each airline has specific requirements to allow a guide/assistance dog in the cabin.  Below is a list of some of the requirements of the different airlines:

  • The dog must wear a safety harness or identifying jacket.
  • The dog must be trained and able to help the passenger with their disability. Some airlines require sight of official documentation to prove the dog is fully trained.
  • An absorbent mat is provided by the owner.
  • The dog must sit on the floor at the owner’s feet.

As with any pet travelling in the EU, they must be registered and will need to have the correct documentation as detailed above to gain entry.

Your guide or assistance dog will normally be able to travel free of charge.  Check with your airline’s customer care department for more information and on their specific requirements.

For more information, please see our page Flying with a Guide Dog or Assistance Dog.


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