Tenerife Tram / Tranvía de Tenerife

Tenerife Tram / Tranvía de Tenerife

The Tranvía or Metro de Tenerife is operated by Metropolitano de Tenerife. Currently, it is the only railway in the Canary Islands.

Can I Take the Tram to or from Tenerife South Airport?

No, there is no tram connection to Tenerife South Airport. The Tenerife Metro network only has two lines and covers a relatively small area in the northeast of the island. For information about airport buses, please see the link at the bottom of this page.

The Tenerife tram serves the metropolitan area of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and San Cristóbal de La Laguna, where it offers a good and sustainable alternative to the local buses. The two lines have two interconnected stops, University Hospital and El Cardonal, which allow passengers to transfer from one line to the other (please also see the map below).

Tenerife tram line 1

Line 1 connects the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, with San Cristóbal de La Laguna which, after Santa Cruz, is the second biggest city and former capital of the island.  This line was the first to become operational; the service started in June 2007. Line 1 has 21 stops along a route of 12.5 kilometres (7.8 miles). The journey time from the first stop to the last is about 40 minutes.

Tenerife tram line 2

Line 2 opened in May 2009 and runs between La Cuesta and Tíncer. This line is shorter: it covers a distance of  3.6 kilometres (2.2 miles) and only has 6 stops.

Tenerife tram stops

·         Intercambiador Santa Cruz de Tenerife
·         Fundación
·         Teatro Guimerá
·         Weyler
·         La Paz
·         Puente Zurita
·         Cruz del Señor
·         Conservatorio
·         Chimisay
·         Principes de España
·         Hospital La Calendaria
·         Taco
·         El Cardonal
·         Hospital Universitario
·         Las Mantecas
·         Campus Guajara
·         Gracia
·         Museo de la Ciencia
·         Cruz de Piedra
·         Padre Anchieta
·         (La Laguna) La Trinidad
·         Tíncer
·         San Jerónimo
·         El Cardonal
·         Hospital Universitario
·         Ingenieros
·         La Cuesta

Tenerife tram map

Line 1 in Santa Cruz heading towards La Laguna

Ticket Options

There is a wide choice of ticket options, however, some of these are geared towards Tenerife residents. If you are visiting Tenerife as a tourist, the following options are probably best for you and your choice will depend on how much you travel:

  • Single ticket
  • One-day travel pass
  • One-week travel pass

How much does a tram journey cost?

A single ticket is €1.35. If you are planning to use the tram more frequently, or if you want to combine your tram journey with some bus journeys, you may benefit from purchasing a one-day pass for €10 or a one-week pass for €50.

Where can I buy tram tickets?

Single tickets are available from the ticket machines at the tram stops. A one-day pass or a one-week pass can be purchased at airport ticket machines, at tram and TITSA service centres or at tram ticket machines.

Tram ticket comparison

Single ticketOne-day passOne-week pass
Purchase at:
Tram ticket machines.

Cost: 1.35 €

Valid for:
A single tram journey without transfer.

Purchase at:
– Airport ticket machines
– Tram and TITSA service centres
– Tram ticket machines.

Cost: 10 €

Valid for:
– 24 hours from the first use for unlimited tram and TITSA bus travel.

– For individual use only / not trasferrable.

Purchase at:
– Airport ticket machines
– Tram and TITSA service centres
– Tram ticket machines.

Cost: 50 €

Valid for:
– 7 days from the first use for unlimited tram and TITSA bus travel.

– For individual use only / not transferrable.

Timetables and further information

For tram timetables and for further information, please see the Metro Tenerife website:

Other Public Transport Options in Tenerife

See here for information about airport buses from / to Tenerife South Airport.

See here for more information about the bus network in Tenerife.

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