Airport Info Disability Assistance Reduced Mobility When Flying

Reduced Mobility When Flying

Having pre-booked your mobility assistance, every effort will be made to ensure your needs are catered for.  This will also ensure assistance when flying. It is essential that you specify with your airline beforehand your specific needs and the extent of your reduced mobility when flying.

On Board Aisle Wheelchair

You will be allowed to travel in your wheelchair/mobility chair to the aircraft door.

Although your wheelchair will not be allowed on board the cabin, your airline will have an on-board aisle wheelchair.

This can be used to assist reduced mobility passengers.

For health and safety reasons the cabin crew are not permitted to move customers to and from their seat onto the on-board wheelchair.  If you require help on and off a seat onto an on-board wheelchair, your airline will request that a companion accompanies you.  Your companion will need to be able to provide assistance.

You must also travel with a companion if you need help with medication, breathing, feeding etc.  In order to travel alone you need to be self-reliant and not require assistance transferring from your seat.

Extra Leg Room

Extra leg room must be pre-booked with your airline before you travel.

Generally on charter airlines extra leg room seats are situated in the emergency exit rows.  For safety reasons these seats cannot be occupied by any passengers requiring assistance. Therefore,  if you require assistance and extra leg room, your airline will seat you at the front of the plane near to the toilets.

You should contact your airline for any specific requirements you have regarding seating and extra leg room.

Seating Restrictions for Passengers Requiring Assistance or with a Disability

Airlines have different seating restrictions for passengers with disabilities.

The seats and cabin layout will depend on the airline and aircraft you are travelling on.

Your airline will allocate a seat that is suitable for your needs.  They will seat anyone with a disability or reduced mobility near to the on-board toilets and next to any passenger travelling with them.

Passengers requiring therapeutic oxygen, an Amsafe, Crelling harness or Meru chair or additional support systems will be allocated a suitable seat on-board.

You need to inform your airline’s Special Assistance Team 48 hours in advance of your travel if you will be using any of the above.

Passengers with disabilities will be boarded after general boarding is completed.

Due to safety regulations, passengers requiring certain types of airport special assistance will be seated in a window seat and will not be able to sit in an aisle seat.

Special Assistance Seating

If you require postural support during your flight your airline will not provide these and you will have to bring your own postural support items.

If they comply with your airline’s safety restrictions, these may be used in addition to the aircraft’s safety belt.

You will need to contact your airline before hand to ensure that your postural support is suitable for the aircraft’s seats and you will be allocated a suitable seat.

Postural Support Aids

A disabled passenger or child who is not able to sit upright unaided will be able to use the following body supports which must be supplied and fitted by the passenger.

  • CARES harness
  • CRELLING Harness (Models 27 and HSB1)
  • MERU Travel Chair
  • Firefly GoTo Seat
  • Burnett Body Support

Your airline will have toilets situated at the front and rear of the cabin.  These are all fitted with a grip bar to aid you.

Unfortunately there is no extra room in the toilets to enable easy access.  The toilet compartment is very small making access difficult if you require assistance.

The on-board wheelchair can be taken to the door of the toilet compartment but does not fit inside.

On Board Toilet Facilities for Passengers Requiring Assistance

Ryanair On-Board Toilets

Have 3 toilets onboard  – 2 at the rear and 1 at the front of the aircraft, they are all equipped with a grip bar.

Easyjet On-Board Toilets

There are grab handles/rails in all toilets on-board to support you while moving in the toilet compartment.

In the toilet at the front of the plane there is one rail, and there are two in the rear toilet(s) on all aircraft.

The on-board wheelchair won’t fit in to the toilet compartment and so it would be pushed to the door and you’ll need to then use the grab handles/rails to move from the wheelchair to the toilet itself. All toilet doors are outward opening which also aids access.

British Airways On-Board Toilets

The majority of our aircraft offers accessible washrooms but they’re not large enough to accommodate wheelchairs. However, on board our Airbus A380 we’re able to offer two wheelchair-accessible washrooms on the upper deck and one on the main deck.

On our Boeing 787 aircraft we are able to offer one wheelchair-accessible washroom.

Please remember that you will need to be able to look after your personal care in the washroom. Our cabin crew won’t be able to help in this instance.

Aer Lingus On-Board Toilets

We endeavour to seat wheelchair users and persons of reduced mobility as close as possible to on-board toilets.

Our A330 series aircraft are fitted with on-board wheelchairs; A320 series aircraft are not fitted with on-board wheelchairs.

On-board restrooms are not wheelchair accessible.

However the on-board aisle chair provides accessibility to the entrance of restrooms.

Jet2 On-Board Toilets

Please note that all of our on-board wheelchairs are designed to be taken to the toilet door.

However our toilets and cubicles are not adapted in any way to be more accessible for an on-board wheelchair.

Thomas Cook Airlines On-Board Toilets

The size of the toilets on our aircraft vary depending on the model of aircraft you are travelling on.

Whilst space is limited, on most of our fleet we’ve installed handrails in at least one of the toilets. This is to help customers with reduced mobility.

Our Cabin Crew will be happy to help you to the toilet using the on-board wheelchair (if this is needed)and will also help you get in and out of the toilet.

If you have any particular requirements, please advise our Call Centre team and we’ll do all we can to assist you.

Norwegian On-Board Toilets

On all of our European flights, we have toilets that are partially wheelchair accessible.

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