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Departing from Tenerife South Airport

Flying from Tenerife South Airport? Here are some tips and information to consider to ensure that your departure from TFS goes smoothly.


Departures – Things to Consider

The departure hall and check-in desks at Tenerife South Airport are located on the ground floor.  If you are coming to the airport by private transfer or taxi, they can drop you at the door directly outside departures.

Once in the departures hall, there are various information screens that show the check-in desks for all flights.  If you have any queries regarding your flight or other matters, there is an information desk in the departures hall to assist you.

General information

When to arrive at the airport

Arrive in good time in case of any unexpected delays. If you have a rental car to return, make sure you allow enough time to drop it off.

For domestic flights within Spain, it is generally recommended to arrive at the airport at least 1.5 to 2 hours before your flight’s scheduled departure time. However, for international flights, especially during peak travel seasons or when additional security measures are in place, it is advisable to arrive at Tenerife South Airport at least 2 to 3 hours in advance.

Arriving early allows you to complete the various pre-flight procedures efficiently and without unnecessary stress, such as checking in, dropping off your luggage (if applicable), passing through security checks, and reaching your boarding gate on time. At peak times the airport can be very busy and delays are likely, so allow extra time.

To ensure a smooth travel experience, it’s always best to check with your airline for their specific recommendations regarding the recommended arrival time.

Travel documentation

Please familiarise yourself with the current entry regulations for your travel destination several days prior to departure. If a negative Covid test result is required, you will need to obtain this from one of the Covid test centres across the island before you come to the airport, as the testing facility at Tenerife Airport is no longer operational.

Make sure you have to hand all the documentation you need to check in and pass through security and passport control. e.g. passport, boarding pass, visa (if required).  You can be charged by your airline if you have forgotten to print off your boarding pass or have lost it.  Most airlines allow you to check in online up to two to four hours before departure.

Luggage regulations

Check your airline’s requirements for hand luggage, hold luggage and weight restrictions. This will help to avoid the stress and inconvenience of having to empty your case at the check in desk if it is too heavy or if you are carrying a restricted item which you have to leave behind. For more information, please also see our pages on EU cabin regulations and on baggage allowance. If you would like to get your luggage wrapped prior to checking it in, there is a bag wrap facility at Tenerife South Airport.

Check-In and Boarding Pass

Check-in procedures

If you have already checked in online and you are traelling with hand luggage only, then you can go directly to security.  If you have checked in online and have luggage to put in the hold, you will need to drop this off at your airline’s check-in desk which will be displayed on the information screens in the departures hall.

Oversized objects / bicycles

As with all baggage going in the hold, you will need to take these items to your flight’s check-in desk. You will be given a label for your oversized luggage and directed to the appropriate drop-off point for oversized luggage in the airport.

Boarding passes

When you check in online, your airline may give you the choice between a printed or an electronic boarding pass, or both. Electronic boarding passes can be used at TFS Airport, if you prefer this option.

Printed or electronic boarding pass?

Electronic boarding passes are convenient and eco-friendly, as they can be stored on your smartphone or mobile device, eliminating the need for physical documents. They can be easily accessed through airline apps, email, or mobile wallet apps, making them readily available and unlikely to accidentally be left behind.

A printed boarding pass is simple and straightforward. You receive a physical copy of your boarding pass that you can easily access and present at various checkpoints throughout your journey. With a paper copy, you do not need to rely on electronic devices or connectivity. There are no concerns about battery life, screen malfunctions, or potential technical issues.

Many people choose to carry a paper boarding pass as a backup, in case their electronic device fails or runs out of battery. It provides peace of mind knowing you have a physical copy as a fallback.

Security and Passport Control

Before you pass through Security and Passport Control, make sure you have all your belongings and have your boarding pass ready for scanning.

You will need to place all your belongings on one of the trays provided to go through the x-ray machine. It is also a good idea to remove any metal items from your person (e.g. belts, loose coins in your pocket, etc), as these may trigger the walk-through security scanner. Electronic items (e.g. laptops) and liquids (no more than 100ml per bottle, packed in a clear plastic bag) need to be removed from your hand luggage and put on the tray separately. You will be able to collect all your items once you have passed through the security checkpoint. More information is available on our page “Security Screening“.

Depending on where you are flying to, you may need to proceed through passport control.  Make sure you have your valid passport and/or other travel documentation ready.  European Nationals who hold an ID card are able to use their card to travel to certain European countries.  You may require a visa to travel to some countires. Please check what is needed in good time before you travel, to ensure that you have all the necessary documentation required for your journey.

Departure Lounge

Once you are through security and passport control you can enjoy the facilities available in the departure lounge.  Before you start shopping for your Duty-Free items, check your boarding gate on the various screens to see what time your flight will be boarding and the gate number.

Departure lounge facilities

  • In the departure lounge, you will find a variety of shops, restaurants, cafes, and bars to unwind and relax in. The opening times of the different shops and restaurants vary, but they are closed at night.
  • Should you be travelling very late or very early and be in need of sustenance, there are vending machines available to provide you with snacks and drinks.
  • If you prefer a slightly calmer and more relaxing environment, you may want to consider booking access to the VIP Airport Lounge.
  • A currency exchange facility is available in the departure lounge.

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